July 8, 2016

Community Grant Fund

The Community Grant Fund is a scheme available to Local Community Groups in Berwick and North Northumberland.

A member of your group may want to start a sub group within your group or your group might be looking to start a new activity and need a cash boost for promotion, marketing or need to purchase equipment towards it. If you are unsure if your project will fit the criteria please get in touch with us and we will happily have a discussion with you about your application.

It is an opportunity to receive a grant up to £250 that is available until all funds are depleted.

Previous applicants may re-apply providing it is for a new project and not one previously funded.

The grant is to allow at least 3 people, of any age, with a common interest that will come together to keep active, make new friends, increase a sense of community and promote mental and physical good health. (No politics or restrictive membership)

Examples –

    Group linked by activity or hobbies – e.g. fly fishing, knitting, jewellery making, cooking, gardening.
    Medical issues – Carers, Lupus, arthritis self-help, weight loss support group
    Age or family circumstances – parents of young children, recently bereaved, Growing Old Disgracefully.
    Interests – Italian conversation, chess, family or local history
    Sport – Young golfers, kite surfing, badminton, skateboarding, football

The grant can be used for set up costs, publicity, printing, room hire, refreshments, phone calls, stationary, materials, travel or any other appropriate expenses. This will be paid into the nominated bank account.

Named contact signs and agrees to report back on a supplied template after 4 -6 months. On this we will ask;

Use of funding –

    How many people benefitted
    What brought them together
    What they found i.e. lessons learned
    What could have worked better
    Are you continuing to meet? If not why not?
    Do members feel this had a positive effect on your health /mental health, if so what

Download an application form:
Application Form 2017 – Microsoft Word Format
Application Form 2017 – PDF Format

You can also contact Joanne Douglas at jdouglas@berwicktrust.org.uk for an application form and further information

Groups that have already benefitted from this grant include:

Glendale Amateur Boxing Club
Cliffetops Residents Association
Berwick Arts Choir
Berwick Concert Band Society

Prior Park Residents Association
Berwick Branch Of Fusiliers Association
56 Degress North
Inspired! The Creative School for Young Musicians
Headway The North Northumberland Group
Prior Park Residents Group

Border Links
TF BJJ Parents Group
Berwick Ukelele Workshops
Berwick Literary Festival
Berwick Educational Association