Public Access Defibrillator

We are fundraising for a public access defibrillator for the William Elder Building. The William Elder Building is a community facility available for groups and organisations to hire for meetings and events.

The installation of a defibrillator will be vital in providing help and support to anyone who needs it in the vicinity of the William Elder Building as well as those who are using it.

What are CPADs?

CPADs are cabinets located on the outside wall of a building so that the AED inside can be accessible 24/7 to anyone in the vicinity who requires it. It means more people could benefit from the presence of your device and more lives could be saved.

The cabinets have a key code lock and the code is accessed by calling 999 which means the device re-mains secure. By having an AED accessible quickly and easily 24 hours a day in your community you are showing how much you care about the safety of the residents and visitors.

The installation will include:
Temperature Control Cabinet
Bleed Control Kit

If you would like to donate please visit the appeal page on Local Giving HERE