Castlegate Flower Bed

Back in January, we negotiated with Northumberland County Council to update and maintain the Flower Bed outside our building, the site was overgrown and we had the idea to make this a more appealing space for visitors and residents.   With the assistance of the Berwick upon Tweed Premier Inn team we cleared the bed ready for the next phase.  A lot of discussions have been had with local businesses and Berwick Garden Centre since then to develop a plan for the area.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak work stopped on the area and we could not carry on until we deemed safe and necessary.  The area has been tidied by Northumberland County Councils NEAT team in the last few days and now a plan has been put together, which we are delighted to share with you, and gather any thoughts or further ideas that you, the community, may have.  You may want to volunteer to help with planting, make bird boxes or garden decorations to display.  Please head over to the Castlegate Flower Bed to read an update from Julie, Project Manager and more information on how you can get involved.