July 11, 2016

Family Hub North Staff

The Trust believes that quality childcare and early years education empowers parents to pursue employment and educational opportunities while preparing children for school and life.

We employ 10 staff at the Family Hub in Tweedmouth, formerly Sure Start Children’s Centre. Staff members are employed by the Trust but managed by the Family Hubs NCC team on site. We supply these staff member by means of a contract with Northumberland County Council. This was set up after the closure of The Family Centre in Prior Park.

The Trust remains committed to supporting child care and play opportunities for residents and is exploring further opportunities to extend services.

We also run a Young Carers Provision for children who are carers of family members. You can refer to Young Carers Service via the Frontline Website.

For more information on the services provided by The Family Hubs Northumberland, head over to their Website or Facebook Pages at: