August 26, 2022

Young Carers

Our Young Carers provision was originally contracted with Northumberland County Council, we delivered the service in Berwick Upon Tweed. The service was re shuffled in 2020 by NCC and we were no longer contracted to deliver the support.

We took the decision to continue to employ our 2 dedicated, highly skilled key workers, and to continue to deliver the support service to Young Carers in the Berwick upon Tweed area.

The service allows young people aged between 5 to 16, who are caring for family members to have a safe space to breakout from their normal routine and do activities with similar children in a friendly and calming setting. Sessions are held twice monthly on a Saturday Morning and they will do a variety of activities, or they can just sit and chat and be themselves. They will have the opportunity to have a one-one chat with a member of staff if they have concerns about anything.

If you would like to find out more about our Young Carers provision or make a referral then please get in touch with us or visit the Frontline Northumberland page.