April 27, 2017

Coastal Communities Team

We are happy to be a part of the newly formed Coastal Communities Team and look forward to working with the team to further develop this initiative and the Economic Plan, a copy of which can be found here:

CCT Economic Plan Final Mar 17

We have a dedicated website for the Berwick Coastal Communities Team that has further information on all projects that are being currently undertaken. Visit the site here.

The Berwick Economic Plan 2017 has been developed by Berwick upon Tweed Coastal Community Team (BCCT) as a response to the challenges and opportunities the town faces in early 2017. The Team is initially led by Berwick Community Trust and members are as follows:

Berwick Community Trust,
Northumberland County Council,
Berwick Town Council,
Berwick Civic Society,
Berwick Chamber of Trade,
Guild of Freemen,

Berwick Archive and Museum Action Group,
Port of Berwick,
Maden Eco Ltd,
ARCH (The Northumberland Development Company),
The Maltings Berwick Trust,
Woodhorn Charitable Trust,

It is expected that the membership of the team will grow and evolve as the Economic Plan Priority Themes are further developed and actions implemented.

The Berwick Economic Plan 2017 establishes a new unified plan for growth. Its aim is to provide a platform to deliver a long-term, integrated and transformational programme focused on increasing economic productivity, investing in people, and ensuring Berwick is a vibrant and successful place for businesses, residents and visitors. This will secure the towns future prosperity at the centre of a successful borders community which reaches into both England and Scotland.

The BCCT believe that through the delivery of the Economic Plan Berwick can realise a future that better capitalises on existing resources, ensuring the existing economic base is more resilient to change, and exploits the opportunities brought by its connectivity, digital and physical, an improved skills base, enabling more knowledge based industries, and greater exploitation of existing cultural assets. The Economic Plan will develop a more year-round, more sophisticated and more competitive tourism offer leading to increased employment opportunities and economic growth that benefits local residents and retains the local workforce.

The Economic Plan has four Priority Themes:
1: Investing in Business
2: Investing in a skilled workforce
3: Investing in Destination Tourism
4: Investing in Infrastructure

It is the collective and collaborative implementation of these Priority Themes and their supporting investment Programmes which will stimulate a virtuous cycle of economic growth for Berwick to both deliver and sustain a quality of life offer for its current and future residents and deliver a quality visitor experience.
The Priority Themes identified in the Economic Plan will be developed flexibly and agilely with a view to ensure Berwick can accelerate and maximise its economic potential as short to medium term resourcing opportunities emerge, whilst maintaining a clear focus on the need to address long-term challenges and delivering tangible outcomes which benefit the locality.

The Berwick Coastal Community Team is the partnership (not legally constituted) responsible for developing and delivering the Berwick Economic Plan. It has responsibility for the leadership, implementation, monitoring and review of the Economic Plan, and is responsible for developing and supporting a range of initiatives which will contribute to the implementation of the Economic Plan.

The BCCT will:
• Develop and agree the Economic Plan (EP).
• Approve the Economic Plan.
• Recruit a wide range of BCCT members, reflecting the makeup of the area and the priorities of the EP.
• Conduct its business in an open and compliant manner.
• Promote BCCT, its plans and objectives throughout the local area.
• Monitor the implementation of the EP, and review as necessary.
• Make effective links with other key organisations within and outside the CCT area.

You can visit the Coastal Communities Alliance website page if you would like further information on what a Coastal Communities Team do.