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Employment Support

Here for You is a free service supporting employed and unemployed customers with jobsearching activities including writing CV’s, how to jobsearch effectively, interview skills and accredited training courses. Support is also available with Benefit Claims, completing forms, budgeting and utility Switching

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Childcare Provision

We currently employ around thirty staff across SureStart Children’s Centres in North Northumberland including a Saturday Club

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Coastal Communities Team

The Coastal Communities Team consists of Berwick Community Trust, Northumberland County Council, Berwick Town Council, Chamber of Trade, The Port Authority, The Freemen and other local Businessmen. The group will work to develop the Economic plan for Berwick

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Food Bank

The William Elder Building is home to a branch of the North Northumberland Food bank, assisting those in desperate need, not only with accessing food but supporting and helping with any issues that may arise.

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Whats On

A guide to what’s on in the William Elder Building

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CoRE Legacy Fund

The CoRE Legacy Fund provides grants to support projects in the North East of England that will enable communities to reduce their energy consumption or help them benefit from renewable energy technologies. The intention is to support North East communities through a wide range of renewable energy or demand reduction projects.

Past Achievements

Some of the things that we have achieved since 2005
  • Created Local Jobs - Protected the provision of childcare opportunities in Berwick upon Tweed and Wooler by employing almost thirty staff members involved in the provision of childcare through Surestart, launched a Play Outreach Project across the town and supported Berwick Young Carers. Here for You was formed as an arm of the Trust with Joanne and Becci both volunteering until funding was obtained.

  • Provided Meeting and Shop Space - Set up accommodation for fourteen local businesses and organisations. Hosted the Berwick Food Bank. Facillitated the opening of the Serendipity local artisans store, managed the Reach Project enabling 80 people to find work including the start up of 12 businesses.

  • Environmental - Commisioned a Wind Turbine in 2014. Installed pV panels to six local schools and a sports centre, developed a 500kW wind turbine project, worked on low carbon initiatives and Every drop Counts to enable residents to save money on water bills.

  • Community - Developed and supported, over seven years, a range of local Festivals – Film, Jazz and Border Green. Attracted one hundred independent members. Developed the VisitBerwick website and supported a number of tourism projects. Directly attracted £1.8m into Berwick.

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