September 11, 2023

Beach Wheelchairs

In 2021 we had a vision to make Spittal beach accessible for everyone!!! That vision is now a reality! With a spot of fundraising and support from Berwick Town Council and County Councillor Georgina Hill we have secured 3 beach Wheelchairs to Spittal Beach.

At the start of 2023 we engaged in conversations with Beach Access North east who have a string of successful sites on the North East Coast stretching all the way down to Tynemouth. This was with a view to work in partnership with them to help bring our vision to life. The knowledge, advice and support that they have given us has been amazing. Our site is now included on their list and the wheelchairs can be booked through their system.

Berwick Town Council allowed us to site a container in the Splashpark, next to the park and the Pavilion, this was as close to the ramp on the promenade that would allow the users access to the beach. They also allowed us to be connected to the electricity supply to power the hoist inside.

You can register with Beach Access North East on their website, once registered you will have a member number, please note this number you will need it when you call the booking line. The booking line number is 0300 999 4444 and choose the option for Spittal/Berwick.  You will be met by a volunteer at the site who will allow you access to the equipment.

The location is Spittal Park and Splashpark – W3W ///modern.twigs.value.  There is also access to disabled toilets close by at the rear of the Pavilion building.  We have a key for these facilities.

If you would like to volunteer for the project and be available to let users in and out of the container then please contact us on 01289 303366 complete the registration form here.